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Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's day thirds

The whole population in Singapore can be divided into threes.

And tomorrow is the day you can see the threes in the most contrast. Yes... Tomorrow is the Valentine's day, a day which i suspected was created by business to suck money from the couples, normally, guys are the victims.

And i had come out with a formula. A rule of thirds, that will present itself tomorrow. Yah.. the rule of thirds not only comes in photography, alright??

In the whole population, one thirds of that population are classified to be "unsuitable" to be in a relationship, being too young and too old. So, those who are paying senior citizen bus fares, or those still celebrating children's day, shoo... off you go.

The 2/3 that are deem "suitable" for relationships can be further divided into threes.

One third have no dates to go out on Valentine's day.

And two thirds of that one third who have no dates to go out with, are single and avaliable status. Desparate or not, they themselve know.

The rest, one third of that one third who have no dates to go out with, have a relationship, but coz of numerous reason, they are alone on that special day. Reasons are, partners overseas, parents curfew, or even perhaps, at home, doing homework, cannot go out coz parents dunno.

But to mention something special, a special portion, a third of those who are in a relationship, but yet stayed at home, will be scatching their heads, wondering how come their dates are not free, and yet, not working??

Those are, simple... their dates got a date with others or they are outside, trying to earn more money by selling flowers or bears bears or even, balloons.

That's the one third part.

For the 2 thirds that will be going out on that "money-grabbing-by-florist-and-restaurants" day, well, they will be outside pa-toring, and spending money.

Of that 2 thirds, one third of them are married, and yet, they still go pa-toring like macham first time dating like that, while trying not to quarrel on that day. And the best part is that they have the rest of 364 days to quarrel.

The other 2 third that goes out are unmarried. Of that, one third are first time spending Valentine's day, the other 2 third are V on V day. (Veterans on Valentine's day)

Of those first time spending together, one thirds of them are working adults. The other 2 thirds are school kids.

Of the school kids, 2 thirds of those kids lied to their parents that they got CCA or tution in schools, even sats, which the one third of kids no need to lie, coz, 1) their parents know about the relationship, 2) their parents just dun care.

Talking about the 2 thirds that are veterans on V day, one third are school kids, with the same percentage of lies and knowledge, un-careness of the relationships are the same as above.

The other 2 thirds are working adults which you will mostly see on tomorrow night. Of those 2 thirds, one third of them will not be going home. Where they will be going, will be up to their imagination.

THe 2 thirds will be going home, of that, 2 thirds of those, will be highly intensively "interrogated" by their friends and families.

The rest of will be spared the agony.

And there will be one person, on Valentine's eve night, who is too free from sore neck to think about such stupid things to post on his stupid blog.

And there will be 2 thirds of the whole population who will be thinking the same as me... "Valentine's day?? Just another day only".

Yah... that's my point after writing all those shit.

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