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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Smokey night

I know you all are sleeping at this moment i am typing this blog post.

Or, you might be awaken and cursing and swearing at the moment.

Or, you might be calling some emergency hotline.

Yes... The night of the smoke. Most, if not some of the chinese people are burning offerings to "Tian Gong" on the 8th day of the luner new year.

I almost forgot about it, until someone on MSN reminded me about it. Yes... the night of the smoke indeed...

As i came back just now, it seems like i am in Genting. But the moment i stepped out of my car, i was greeted by the smell. All thoughts of Genting "woosh", vanished right before my very nose.

I was curious about the haze information, so, i called the hotline, and they only got updates till last 4pm. PSI was 31. I badly want to know the PSI readings now. Should be exceeding 100, i'm sure...

So later, as you walk about the streets, remember not to step on any ashes. Apart of blacking your shoes soles, and dirtying your pants, jeans, skirts, there's also the threat of you offending the deities up there, whom you will recive some sort of "punishments" of their choice.

If you do accidentally stepped on one, well, all you can do is apologised and pray, hoping that nothing befalls on you. Don't worry, people will not say you are "siao" for muttering to yourself, and will forgive you of black patches on your pants. They might not forgive you if you step into someone's house with your shoes on, however.

And if you are thinking of complaining about the burning, well, luner new year comes once in a year. I am sure you piss off more people in that year, so, well, just endure that night and life stills goes on. Okie?

And for those who are prone to asthma attacks by the smoke, well, just keep your windows close tight and on your fan and/or aircon.

Anyway, it's the perfect chance to see if the SCDF home protection kit you keep all along works or not. If you smell smoke, then, complain to the SCDF that their kit is not efficient.

Okie. I gotta sign off. The smoke is getting into me. I need to find my hazmat mask to put on.

Take care, folks.

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