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Friday, January 25, 2008

High fever

I am back!!!

On 4 days MC. For high fever...

Quite slacking for me initially.. But started coughing on Tues night, and on wed afternoon, started feeling unwell. Suspected to have fever. Did not report sick, wanted to report sick on thursday morning.

The terrible feeling came on wed night. I was really shivering, and finally decided to report sick that night. One of my platoon mates went down with me to the medical center.

My temperature was taken, and it was 38.6 degrees C. As the Medical Officer was not there, i was evacuated to Pasir Leba Camp Medical center.

My temperature taken over there was 39.5 degrees. Admitted to the sick bay, set on drips, and i slept, awake every half hour to go to the toilet, and to drink water.

My temperature was constantly hovering around 39 degrees, and they continue to keep me in sick bay till thu afternoon, where the MO decided to sent me to NUH, when my temperature went back up to 39.3 degrees C.

Over at NUH, i was admitted to the fever facility, an isolation ward, where my temperature shoots up to 40 degree C. There was a thermal scanner to check visitors for fever, where i decided to stand up ( i was in a wheelchair) to see how i look like from the thermal scanner.

I was totally red in colour!! Wow!! even my hands are red in colour!!

In the ward, i was given an injection (buttocks) to bring my temperature rapidly down, an chest X-ray was done, and was discharged a few hours later... My temperature was 38.6 degrees C when i was discharged. And while waiting for the army ambulance to bring me back to camp, i started sweating...

That's when i knew my temperature was going down.

Back home, i took my medication and took my temperature.

It was 37.5 degrees. This morning, it was 36.7 degrees... But i still feels a bit weak, and my stomach was groaning non stop. Then i realised that i did not eat anything for almost 20 hours. i only gulp down 3 mouthfuls of food in my last meal.

Hmmm... Now, my diahorria starts.

Thinking back, i must thank my 2 platoon mates who accompany me to the medical center and to NUH, my PC, DN, who took time to visit me while i was in sick bay, and to shoo my back home once i was discharged, CL and WH who make shuttle runs for my PC and platoon mate from Jurong Camp II to PLC, when they can slack in bunk.
The NUH ED doctor, who ordered me not to go back camp and do funny things...

And yes, i am still alive and kicking...

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