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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Last few things i did before 2007 ended

So, 2007 had passed... And 2008 is here to stay... For a year.

Got a company gathering lunch on the last day. Went over to Bukit Merah office. And having so much BBQ food, especially satay and Chicken wings, i was dismayed to see that there's satay and BBQ chicken wings on the tables in our Bukit Merah Office.

But then, there's a delicious spread of food. I avoided the chicken wings, and whack the rest off the tables, including the satays into my stomache.

Here's the spread. Don't you envy me??

I had 2 helpings.

And there's wine and beer!!! I had 2 cans of beer!!! Root beer!!

And after which, i went back home to sleep, but somehow, my room is like an oven, (coz of the afternoon sun), i cannot sleep and end up going to the airport with YJ, to meet SL and ET to welcome CO back.

This is the first time i went into the multi storey carpark at T2, having went into the airport building, something was amiss.

It was too quiet.

The corridors were devoided of people. This is not possible in one of the world's busiest airports!!!

And we realised that we had strayed into the offices area of the T2 building.

Ended up walking one big round to the T2 hall accordingly. And played hide and seek with SL and ET.

And we had dinner at Fish and Co.

I learnt an important lesson that day. Don't assume that small sized ppl cannot eat much.

SL finished her whole meal, plus extra fried fishes from the others. In total, as calculated later, she ate a total of 2 and half fried fishes and countless fries, plus her dessert!!
SL with the "weapons", a fork. She's going to tear the fishes apart!!

SL eating so fast that her hands were blurred.

And i slowly ate. THe best part of the meal is actually the dessert!! Just look at it!!

Don't you wish you can sink your teeth right into it right now??


And i spend the countdown playing chess with Grandfather Chow, snoring away.

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