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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happenings in 15 years time????

Well, with regards to my last post, since we are talking how's the future will be like, i might as well try to forsee what might be happening in 15 year's time in the papers, if the global warming and the pollutions did not kill us first...

1) Singapore announces her intention to bid for 2028 Summer Olympic Games.

2) Crude oil hits all record high of US$1000 per barrel.

3) Singapore to build 8th terminal at Changi Airport.

4) Singapore Airlines to ground aging A380 aircraft, citing high fuel comsumption.

5) Singapore and Malaysia goes to ICJ over Pedra Branca for the 6th time.

6) Singapore Soccer Team out of world cup qualifiers after losing 10-0 to Thailand

7) F1 drivers are getting sick of Singapore track, reports

8) Marina Bay Floating platform in danger of sinking, PSA Enginneer.

9) CPF minimum ceiling raised to 2 million, withdrawal age raises 100.

10) LTA to set up 15 more ERP gantries on top of the 75 gantries over singapore for 24 hour operations.

11) Goverment announces plans to build Asia longest tunnel to link Singapore with Batam and Bintan.

12) Goverments announces Tekong island to be redeveloped as Singapore fifth Intergrated Resort.

13) PTC approves revision of bus and train fares. Minimum fares per trip will cost 10 dollars for students.

14) Top 100 richest people all from China.

15) Osama bin laden sent latest video, comdemming latest terrorist attack.

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