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Monday, July 28, 2008

Beautiful Sunset

I am wondering how many of you did notice this thing while you were on your way home, be it in a public transport, cab, walking, or perhaps, you are already at home, be it bathing, having dinner, watching TV, doing house work or perhaps, even doing homework.

And yes, the time is in the evening, the time where dusk is falling, skies are darkening...

I was at home, watching TV, surfing the net and having dinner at the same time when i happened to glanced out of the window.

Immediately, i stopped what i was doing, and grabbed the camera.

It's a beautiful sunset.

It is indeed a beautiful sunset...

Don't you agree?

It's like the clouds are glowing with heat, just like the colour of the glowing charcoal when you are having a BBQ, but instead of the searing heat from the charcoals, the enviroment of the "glowing" clouds seems to be cooler, and more refreshing.

And the picture above seems like the building is blocking the sun's rays from reaching the clouds, and hence, there's shadow with a clear line drawn.

How many of you did notice the beautiful sunset?

Perhaps, in the mornings and evenings, instead of rushing to work and school, honking at other drivers and cursing and swearing when they cut into your lane, or worrying about tests, exams, undone homework, perhaps, you can go a bit slower and see the wonders of the universe, and i can tell you this, the most beautiful part of the sun rise and sun set last only seconds.

Sunrise and sunset are the wonders, wonders that can vapourise all worries, stresses, and makes the day or night seems much more cheerful.

Try it. Slow down your pace, and start to notice the wonderful things around you.

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