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Thursday, July 10, 2008


All working people!!! Be AWARE!! It does not matter which industry you are in, it does not matter if you are the boss or the employee, it does not matter if you are a male or female or even shemale. As long as you are not the only single pathetic person in the whole company, then it matters...


And the matter affects 50% of the working population in Singapore. Imagine, 50%!!! One in two people faces the same problem!!!


As a working personnel, does you?

You may, but you might not realised it... You might have realised it, but you does not know how to handle... You might know how to handle, but you are scared of losing your job.


And yes, i am talking about sexual harassment in the workplace...

It’s rife, but how does one seek redress?
By Lin Yanqin, TODAY Posted: 10 July 2008 1047 hrs

SINGAPORE: A study has revealed that one in two employees here have suffered some form of sexual harassment at work. But ask companies where victims can turn to for support and redress, and the answers come back mostly blank.

That is what the Association of Women for Action and Research (Aware) found when they approached workers and businesses separately.


What strikes me is at the end of the news report, about the statistics of the key findings...

54 percent of the 500 respondents encountered some form of sexual harassment, of which:

78 percent were women;
19 percent were men
50 percent were harassed verbally, 43 percent physically, 39 percent visually
17.3 percent were harassed by superiors, 26.8 percent by colleagues
13.9 percent felt it affected their performance
12.5 percent were afraid of losing their job
67.4 percent of women harassed by men
28.9 percent of men harassed by women
3.3 percent of women were harassed by women
17.3 percent of men were harassed by men


WOW!!! Men sexually harassing other men!!! OMG!! It's going to be definity affecting my work performance!!

And another thing... Men harassed by women... Hmmm... depending on the factors, the situation, the enviroment, and if all those goes my way, hmmm... it might enchance my work performance instead...


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