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Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Zheng" my car, RC version

Short talk:

I got lost in Vivo city... AGAIN!!


RC (Remote Control) Car hobby fellows!!!

Check this out!!

Super nice!! Nope, it's not done by me. I know shit about wiring, LED lights and resistors and such thing. I can never finish one installation of a LED light without either eletrocuting myself, or short-circuit the battery.

It's done by one friend of mind, VN

It's one RC car with under-carriage lights and blasting sound systems. I kid you not. No shit.

It's bright...

Very bright.

It's a beng RC car indeed.

And it's freaking nice.

It's not only one.

And it's not only cars...

Trailers also!!

With undercarriage lights!!

So, RC cars hobbies fellows, wanna zheng your cars? I can help you all contact my friend. Just drop a comment.

And now, i am hoping that his trailer can become a robot, just like in the transformer movie and cartoon.

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