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Monday, July 14, 2008

NFAHNC results

Short talk:

Oh man, i really hate mondays. I guess, my boss is also suffering from monday blues.

National First Aid competition is over.

Relief, relief and more relief. Wait... is it really relief?


Congratuations to the NC team for clinching the overall champion, and being the best in Home Nursing and First Aid.

To Carinn and her team, you fellows have proven yourselves in front of everyone. The only thing left for you all to do now is to pass down all knowledge and skills and whatever the zone had taught your to your juniors, especially the part on the attitude on training.

It can be very tiring for us to repeat the same thing every year...

And after the event, i hope that you all can remain humble, and try to further improve on your skills and knowledge on all the fields required. Afterall, learning is never ending.

And for now, you all can have a chance to catch up on your rest and not forgetting, your homework and your studies (grin).

Well done, girls, we are proud of you all.

Oh yah, next time try not to give us heart attacks on the night of any event, willya?? haha... thank god that it all went out well in the end.


To Eileen and her team, You have proven yourself in the best in Home Nursing and Footdrill. And to Eileen, you have beaten the rest to clinch the best team leader award.

Don't lose heart just because you are not in the best 3 teams, the zone knows that you all had given your best. You all can work under pressure and came out fine.

We all know the efforts you all had put into this competition, and you all had endured our yellings, scoldings, the countless "semula" and redo the whole thing again. and our naggings, the countless footdrills you did till your legs are really aching, the tears you all had flowed while we were scolding you all, the daily trainings you had after school despite having lots homework to do.

And as i had mentioned, the very first time when i started training you all, your standards really sucks. But within this super short period, you all had transformed, groomed, improved, to such standards that the trainers was really really proud of you all.

As a chinese saying goes, a trainer can only give 30% to you all. Your efforts make up 70% of your success. I hope your fighting spirits can get up further and come back training with a vengeance. And if we all remain your trainers, be prepared for more yellings, scoldings, redos, and naggings, not to forget the song, "London Bridge".

In other words, BE PREPARED.

And now, I hope you remember the mistakes you all did, and not to repeat them again, be it in trainings or in real situations. And remember to pass down the knowledge and skills to your juniors, and to integrate the whole corps together.

Well done, girls. We are proud of you all.


To the AA and AC teams, We did not train you at all, but i believe you all had put your heart and soul into this competition also, despite the super duper last minute thingy.

Hope you all had gain some valuable knowledge through this Competition and to make use of it to your advantage, in preparing yourself for future competitions and to pass down the skills and knowledge down to your juniors and to the whole corps.


And thinking back, after some reflections, i myself have lots room to further improve on training and preparing future teams for competitions. There are areas which needs to to be covered, which i had missed. There are some scenarios which i had over-looked.

In other words, i learned quite a bit. And i hope i can incorporate more ideas to cover most aspects in preparing future teams for future competitions.

And now, i was feeling a bit empty inside. Haiz~~~

Stay tuned to this blog and the zone blog for pictures.

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