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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Interesting space news

An interesting paragraph caught my eyes as i was reading some news on yahoo website.

Nope, that news ain't much interesting, it does not concern me, or the majority of you, i'm sure.

It's about a space mission of the US Space Shuttle, Endeavour, on a extreme home makeover.

Endeavour speeds toward space station
AFP - Saturday, November 15

Am i right? Not so much affecting us right? unless you are a space frantic, so much so that you wanna be buried on the moon after you had kicked the bucket.

Don't laugh. It's totally possible, if some crazy ideas does kick off.

US space-funeral company plans to launch lunar cemetery
AFP - Saturday, November 15

Off topic a bit. Imagine i am the one buried on the moon after i died, and every year, thousands and millions of the people would pray to me, especially during the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calander!! Perhaps, i would also get to meet the pretty Chang'er that floated to the moon!!!

And those who want to visit my grave, well, prob have to travel for days before reaching me.

Not a bad idea, come to think of it...

Okie.. back to topic.

About the home improvement project. As i had mentioned, a paragraph of that news caught my attention... THis is it.

"The astronauts also will be installing a system that can turn urine back into drinking water. The 250-million-dollar upgrade will allow enough recycling for a six-person ISS crew to sharply reduce the amount of water that has to be flown up from Earth."

Does it sounds familiar to us, Singaporeans?

The astronauts are going to drink NEWATER!!!

I hope you all enjoy it, like we do!!

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