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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Visit to Goat farm

Just now went off to a goat farm and a koi farm.

Very interesting, first time going to a goat farm. And here's the photos... Enjoy!!

And the goats there can bite almost everything.. from fingers,

To even clothings and pants!!!

And the kids (young goats) are cute... all the way from the tiny ones,

Which are caged up to prevent much public disturbance, to the young ones...

Which when you put a hand in, they all start walking towards the hand.

And they start fighting for the hand to chew...

Does my hand look, smell and taste like grass?? >.<

And from the young ones, we came to the teenagers...

To the adults...

(females in this case)

Male with a beard?

To the veterens...

And needless to say, the kids are very cute... just look at the photo below...

Ain't them??

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