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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another school collaspe


Second Haiti school collapse injures nine
Posted: 13 November 2008 0548 hrs

PORT-AU-PRINCE: A Port-au-Prince school partly collapsed on Wednesday, days after more than 90 were killed in another school cave-in.

What's with the constructions standards in Haiti??

Lucky this case only injures 9, and not killing anyone of the students...

In any case, i wonder how does one concentrate on studying in schools in Haiti, when you have a fear and keeps looking at the ceiling to see if they are falling or not, which any rumblings or creaking sound makes everyone run out to the courtyard at a speed which most prob will break the world record for 100 meter dash.

Or how parents will forbid their kids to go to school.

Hmmm... kids in Singapore would love that. No need find excuse not to go to school...

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