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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Aftermath of Singapore Zoo incident

Well, it seems not that the humans are unfair on humans only.

It seems that unfairness also appears on the other animals of the animal kingdom.

Recently the talk of the town in Singapore is not about the finanical crisis. It's not about the collaspe of the Lehman Brother bank or even Singapore Newest 15th Reservoir.

It's about a poor Malaysian worker who was mauled to death by white tigers at the Singapore Mandai Zoo.

Malaysian worker dies after being attacked by white tigers at zoo
By Satish Cheney, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 13 November 2008 1515 hrs

And what happens after that??

Singapore Zoo assures visitors that white tiger exhibit is safe
By S. Ramesh, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 14 November 2008 1615 hrs

And the next news??

Singapore Zoo monitors white tigers' stress levels
By Cheryl Frois, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 17 November 2008 2023 hrs

I mean, what's the meaning of this?

More news coverage on the animals than the poor Malaysian who was mauled to death. Whatever happen to his family now? No one knows?

So you are more concened about the tiger's stress level than the next-of-kin of one of your staff. What about their stress level? Their grief? Their pain? What have you done on that?

Singapore zoo, where's the staff concern?

That's why i always said that being an animal is better than a human.

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