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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Feels like committing suicide.

What will happen to you if this senairo happens to you?

I asked my colleague to do a research test, add 30 liters of water into a tank, and add glucose up to 4% and yeast extract up to 2%, sterilise and do a running test for contamination.

Sounds simple? What is 4% of 30 liters, assuming that 1kg = 1 liter?

Simple?? How to calculate?

My colleague can come back to me, and told me that he dun understand what i want. So, i explain to him in simple terms, "4% of 30 Liters, and 1 liter of water = 1 Kg".

He looked at me with a blurred look. I refused to give him the solution. I want him to work himself out. After all, he's a diploma holder from Biotechnology, and all these happens during practical sessions, whereby you must get the concentration right by calculations on your own.

I want him to give me the formula. Guess what he gave me?

30/50 x 4% (something like that).

I almost bong my head on the wall.

I wanted to commit suicide. I am ashamed to tell others that both of us went to the same poly for the same course, taught by the same lectuerer. My grades at Biotechnology ain't great, and i wonder how he pass his exams.

In the end, i have to spoon-feed him.... again....

Thank god i am not talking about Moles, Molars, (scientific terms for the molecular weight, concentration), w/w (weight per weight), v/v (volume per volume) to him. I believe in using layman terms with him.

I still feel like committing suicide. Someone help me please.

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