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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wham Wham - Last Christmas

Yesterday night went flying at BT, as per normal. Somehow, i din really have the mood to fly, as in, my mind was occupied with other things, rather than concentrating on flying. Things that other ppl will shudder when they think about it.

Sure its going to be a stormy ride soon. And thank god, i ain't have other committments.

Yesterday, i managed to catch my kite back when i wanna stop flying. Only Once though.... The other attempts results in crashes.

After flying at BT yesterday, i went rounding, helping to sent 3 fellows (and their bicycles) to Toa Payoh. They got a tyre puncture, and stranded at BP, and they are flagging at every van / lorry that they can, and at that time, its 2 plus am, and i can feel that they are getting desperate.

So, i made a U turn and offer my help. Anyway, i ain't in a hurry to get to home.

Helping out in a seminar later. After which i shall be going to cineleisure. Dunno if i can start flying at cineleisure or not. See later how.

And yah, my van is alive back again with music. Changed the head unit. Finally, i will not be driving alone, without any music. I simply cannot survive without music.

Christmas is around the corner. Is the song nice? Have you start making your wishlist for this christmas to father Santa?

My wish list? Well, firstly, i dun know if i had been a good boy this year, but i just wish that (selfishly) i can still have a good job.

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