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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Questions and comments

Fly and fly and fly.....

Just fly kite. No strings attached. The Transmitter the Limit or The Battery the Limit. Or The Weather the Limit. Rain means grounded. Ground very wet = Grounded. No flight.

While flying, common questions that the public asked or comments overheard...

"Look, mum, UFO!!!"

"How high can it go?"

"Where to get it? how much is it?"

"Mummy, i want one!!! / Hey (to the child) you want one?"

"I can fly better" (yes, i overheard this comment at cineleisure. That time, i had yet to fly. A guy was telling his gf)

"Har?? need skills to fly one har?? then i think its not suited for me..."

"I thought it is an insect!!!" (this happens after clement flew his kite close to some gals, who got a shock. We had a good laugh.)

"Wah!!! very beautiful!!!"

"Interesting... Singapore youths are happening" (this is what an Ang Mor told us.)

"What is this"

"Meow" (This happens when Ace flew the kite close to a kitten, who appear in the middle of the field in youth park. The cat ran away.)

ETC ETC... I forgot the rest... But trust me, all the comments are interesting...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wat e hell la. the guy nv try den give up oredi. i think his gf must b very sian... hahaha....