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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Progress in RCKF

Phew!!! what a day!!!

Busy in the morning, saw drift stunts, chio... cars, and of course, chiobus , snapping away photographs in the afternoon, and finally, go for a buffet dinner in the evening and kite flying at night.

Yep, kite flying again. (Some ppl out there will groan.)

Kite flying is my latest hobby. RCKF = Remote Controlled Kite Flying.

This is the third time that i am flying my kite. Yes, your eyesights ain't wrong. I got a kite, but not everything is mine. Confused? NVM, no need bother about it...

Here's a short description of my RC kite flying progress.

1st time flying:
Crashed and frontbar broke. Flying in big circles. Lose control a couple of times.

2nd time flying:
No much difference, just that trying to fly in a rectangle, but it seems more like a funny looking parallagram to me. No front bar broke. Spend all 3 batteries.

3rd time flying:
At BT. Started flying in circles, and end up flying in front. Mean that i am not turning anymore with the kite. Tried to fly the kite towards me, but failed miserably. Wanted to fly more, but transmitter run out of gas. Did not charge enough.

Some of you may ask "why kite flying?", and to me, that question is very open, and different ppl will have different answer to it. To me, i enjoy the sense of freedom that comes with kite flying. It actually can enable be to forget about all my worries and my troubles. Its a goal that i want to achieve, to fly as well as Joshua, Ace, Anthony. Step by step.

Hope that i can further progress in kite flying the next time.

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