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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

RTA with a twist

Yah, another RTA... With a twist...

Why a twist?? Because i was the cause of the accident. Yes, i am the cause of it.

I reverse into a Mercedes. And the Merc. driver was standing beside his car.

Thank god that i reverse slowly, and my rear bumper hit his licence plate in front, just a gentle bump. I had forgotten the car behind, and was concentrating on the kerb, then a gentle knock. I stopped immediately and look behind. A merc. My heart sank.

But the outcome was good in such a way that there's no damage on the Merc, and the driver say nevermind, since there's no damage.

I offered to give him my mobile number and he call me if there's any damages, but he say nevermind. What a reasonable person he is.

It reminded me of another accident when a car bumped into me on the PIE.

No damages. And i tell the other person nevermind, coz there's no damages also to his and to my vehicle.

Sometimes, i wonder what you did will eventually goes round back to you, so, be nice to all people, be it strangers or friends.

It's indeed my blessings, or otherwise, there goes my kite.

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