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Monday, November 20, 2006

Decisions, brain-stormings and good friends

Just watched a TV program, and it let me into a brain-storming mode.

Imagine that you have a very good friend, that needs a kidney transplant desperately, and you are the only one that is able to donate your kidney (one only lah), and your beloved (GF LAH) is damm worried to hell, and is practically begging you not to donate... What will you do?

Do you or do you not donate?

It's like your wife and mum has fallen into the sea, (both are non swimmers), and who do you save first?

Its a dilemma.

Its not a situation where i wanna face, and i believe that neither is most of you, if not, all.


SY asked me a question today... "How do you define good friends?"

After a minute of brain-storming, this is what i replied back...

Enemies will get you into jail, and into trouble...
Strangers does not know that you are in jail when you gets into trouble...
Friends will ignore you when you are in jail when you gets into trouble...
Good friends will bail you out of jail when you gets into trouble...
Best buddies will be sitting beside you in jail, saying, "DAMM, THAT WAS FUN!!!"

And this is what she replied...

i believe gd friends really wants the best for his/her fren... if its me, i wouldnt join my fren in jail... i dont mind gg to jail though, but i will tell him/her wats wrong so he/she can change for the better

And what will be your definations?

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