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Thursday, November 30, 2006

News about blogging

Woot!!! saw an interesting news article about blogging...


Netizens place great trust in blogs: Online survey Thursday November 30, 8:17 AM

SINGAPORE: Half of Internet users in Singapore rate blogs to be as trustworthy as traditional media such as print, radio and television, according to a survey. Microsoft Asia-Pacific reported Tuesday that Internet users in several Asian countries found blogs to be a "relatively trusted source of information".


So, i guess, only about half of my blog's readers believe what i had wrote... hmmm... sounds interesting... so, i guess, i like to conduct my own survey...

Blogs readers out there, do you believe what i had written and published in my blog?

If yes, please keep quiet, no comments pls.

If not, please sent me an E mail to let me know, at the same time, please include a detailed report explaining why you dun trust my blog, and any recommandations, solutions of how to make my blog more trust worthy.

The blogger reserves the right to close the survey anytime. =P

Another paragraph caught my eye....


"Mr Huggins found the most surprising survey result to be that most bloggers are women. In Singapore, it is a good 74 per cent while it is 55 per cent in Asia. The survey further suggested that good writing is the number one criteria for a good Singapore blog, and bad writing the biggest turn off."


Most bloggers are women in Singapore!!! A whooping 74%!!!

So, let me do a bit of calculation...

I got a total of 35 links in my blog. 9 of them are male, the rest are female. What is the percentage of the females link do i have? (2 marks)

Ans: 74.28% (full marks)


I am one of the pathatic 25% of the male population in Singapore that got nothing better else to do, than to blog... And a regular blogger at that... (sob sob)

That means that i ain't going with the crowd, but all those who know me, will know that i hate crowds...

I am still after-all, me. A asshole loser...

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