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Friday, December 01, 2006


Many things are happening to me right now, and i need to have a grasp of air. I am suffocating in a sea of confusion, which is beyond my goddamm control.

How i wish i can go flying continuously, day in, day out. It can make me forget my worries, my woes, my regrets, giving me a sense of freedom and joy. Its a new challenge for me to master the kite flying skills.

Life is full of challenges. Challenges like passing your exams, graduating, finding a job, working full time and studying part-time, passing your driving test and setting up and running the daily operations of a plant (factory).

I relish the challenges, but when something beyond your control sets in, you feel damm demoralised, regrets. Much time and effort had went in, seeing the seedling of success, and suddenly, everything folds up. Just like that. It's just so sudden.

Its just so goddamm demoralising.


Maybe i need a break. Maybe i should have an vacation. Maybe i need 3 days of uninterrupted sleep....

I think i will just keep flying kite.

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