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Friday, December 15, 2006


Another week had gone past, and christmas is approaching.

There's only 2 holidays that i look forward to in the past. That is Chirstmas and Chinese New year.

My early memories of Chirstmas is that that's lots of nice Cartoons in the day. Not those anime, but really cartoons, christmas cartoons. And those cartoons are nice. The weather was nice too. It was raining, and it was cold. And all of us siblings had worn 3-4 pieces of clothings and we were acting like astrouants in space.

There's one time, my cousin bought me to her church to celebrate christmas with a play, and i throughly enjoy the play (more like musical drama with a dash of singapore humor). Followed by a tea reception and some prayers.

Another year, we (my family included) was invited to a christmas party by my sister's godfather, who also happens to be our swimming coach /trainer when we were very small. The party was at the roof of the old cathy cinema beside Plaza Singapura. There's a small swimming pool there also.

Man, we had a splashing good time, and when i say splashing, we really created a splash... Everyone (almost, except the fathers and the mothers) got thrown into the pool, with our party suits on. We swam around, trying to catch one another in the pool. We sang christmas carols and truly enjoy ourselves.

2005 Christmas eve. I spend it at william's house, with the rest of WLNY supper gang. On that day, i bought my new mobile phone, the one that i am using now. It was a memorable night, a night of fun, joy and laugher. The best part is the present exchanging session. Aaron got my present, i got CY's present and CY got zhi xiang's present and he KP... what a joke...

Coming soon is 2006 Chirstmas. No plans for celebration. No parties planned. Is this going to be the first moody christmas that i am going to face? With the job uncertainties in the background?

If there's really no plans, i think i just fly kite for christmas.

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