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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing day

yes, its after christmas.

26th Dec is also known as the boxing day, a public holiday in some countries, unfortunately, not in Singapore.

I asked JL what is the meaning of Boxing day. What he told me was that that day was meant to be a day to open christmas presents. But knowing kids around the world, they would had ripped open their presents a long time ago, and by boxing day, some of the toys might had been damaged.

Sometimes, i wonder how much complains the stores had after christmas because of defective toys.

Its supposed to be a happy day ripping presents, but lets not forgot what had happened 2 years ago.

26th Dec 2004. Mother Nature unleashed her almost full fury with an undersea earthquake measuring 9 on the Richter Scale. This caused a massive tsunami which killed about 230,000 people, affecting multiples like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India etc. The worst hit was Indonesia. It even change the coastline of some of the islands, especially at ground zero.

Let us pray for the poor souls that had perished in the warth of Mother Nature.

And meanwhile, please help me to continue praying for my friend, SK, who is still in a coma, at ICU, TTSH.

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