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Monday, December 11, 2006

Zouk out II

Sorry folks...

I pervious post, i had typed till i fell asleep... I was that tired. So, here continues...

When we reach the beach, the first time that hit me was, "damm!! it was that crowded..." the roads, was crowded, the music was loud.

We settled in and went for a briefing. Thus done, we settle down to wait for dawn to come. Initially, it was boring. We hang out at the medical post, looking at dudes and babes. A couple of walk-in casualties came in, seeking some attention over some small cuts on their legs and toes.

Then a radio call came in. A casualty got a toe fracture. Needed evacuation. My ambulance was activated. So, off we go, to SGH.

On our way there, there are 2 more casualties that needed evacuation. Both ambulances activated, and left only 1 more (reserved for P1 cases). We have to rush back to sentosa. This time, the traffic flow is much smoother. (it was 3 plus am in the morning, i think)

So, its back to the medical post to slack.

Soon, dawn comes, and the skies start to brighten. That's when i took a nap.

Duty over, we went back HQ, to unpack, and after breakfast, i slept for 6 hours in HQ. Then i went home in the evening, and slept till this morning.

, and i am still sleepy now....

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