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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

RT again...

Yup... My RT has started...

Am supposed to go for my RT yesterday, but something urgent cropped up, and i have to defer the RT session to today.

But right now, i am feeling very tired, sleepy. And am also recovering from flu. But my RT session is later in the evening till night. Bo Bian.. have to go... Recently got ppl suddenly die of cardiac arrest during runs... hmmm...

Tonight, the kite gang is going Sengkang to fly. I dunno if i wanna go all the way there after RT, a tired me, and go there and most prob crash my kite. Dunno if it's worth it... Maybe, i will be heading home to sleep after RT. Maybe... see later how.

After this weekend, i shall be more free. And 31 Dec is coming up. That is the critical time.

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