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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Reading your own blog's post

I got a burning question to ask you bloggers out there....

I wonder how many of you out there goes back to read what you had posted, from the first post till your recently post. "Jia Bao Eng har..." (eat full very free har) might be your response, but to me, it a good thing that you go back once in a while to read your post.

Honestly speaking, i started blogging 8 months (more or less lah...) ago. In these 8 months, i had never go back to read my old postings. Till now.

Blog is a online diary that allows you to put some special happenings, your feelings, your thoughts to be shared by online users. Over time, you may forget what you had encountered in the past, and that's where blogs come in.

I started reading from my first post. A whole oceans of memories came flooding back to my mind. I recall why did i start blogging in the first place. Memories of my struggling to sign-up for a blog (hey, i am still an ITI, don't forget) came back, funny, strange, lessons learned all came back.

I had voiced out some of my frustrations in blog, and over time, when i went back to read, i was actually chucking away, laughing at my mood at that moment when i was writing it. I was amused at a few occasions over some silly things that i had done.

In other words, its a re-lession learnt, it boost your knowledge of what you had encountered and how you might be able to deal with the situation better.

I would suggest to all bloggers to read back on their enteries ( interesting ones only lah), and laugh your head off.


Nothing much to write these few days, as there's nothing really interesting to write about. It was back to the routine of waking up, go work, find friends to talkcock or go RT after work, fly kite, PD, back home and sleep, meanwhile, counting down to pay-day and retrenchment day.

Basically, that's my life now.

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ahseah said... not e person to read my blogs... i got so many blogs.. i also dunnoe where to start from.. hahax... so bo liao to read ur own blog.. :)