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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Should i stay, or should i go?

Suddenly thought of a song from “梦飞船”.

I forgot the title of that song, but there's a verse that suits my mood, confusion now.

That verse is "i don't know, i wanna know, should i stay or should i go".....

To those who knows the song, nope, i am not talking about what the song meant, i ain't talking about confusion over relationships.

I meant career-wise.

A recuitment company called me up today, and ask if i am interested to go for an interview as a QA manager for a certain int'l company.

I am hestitating. Should i stay, or should i go?

If i stay, it means the same job for me, but suddenly, the road is not so bright for me.

If i go, i will be moving out of my comfort zone, and face the unknown. Wondering if i can cope with the new enviroment, new colleagues, new management etc etc. Basically, its a totally new challenge for me in a well-established company.

Can someone advise me, please?

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