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Friday, December 29, 2006

Words of wisdom

Normally at this time of the month, i always go do something.

I always go HDB branch and buy my season parking at my house carpark.

Okie, okie, i know this is lame... but i just want to crack things up a tiny weeny little bit...

Normally at this time of the year, i always receive my christmas gift. But somehow for this year, my christmas gifts are late. They came after christmas. And no, it wasn't from father Santa. And all my presents are the same.

They are calanders for the coming year. From our suppliers.

And most of the calenders usually got some pictures of their products (free advertisement mah), or pictures of nature, or pictures of history. Some came along with some words of wisdom.

A particular calander (from Fisher Scientific) caught my eye. Its titled "value of success" with pictures of the nature and words of wisdom. Its the words of wisdom that got my attention.


1) An experiened man is one who is great MONEY maker.

My Response : "Errr... Define experience pls. I do not really agree with this statement."

2) Deciding not to remain where you are is the first step to SUCCESS

My Response : "Yes, its true."

3) Wealth belongs to those who believe in their DREAMS

My Response : "Not really impossible dreams, thought."

4) Before you can set things RIGHT, you must see things right.

My Response : "Agreed"

5) The man who makes NO MISTAKE does not usually make any money

My Response : "I make mistakes and i dun make any money leh."

6) To succeed, you must work very very hard in a SMART WAY.

My Response : "Sometimes, luck does play a part, dude"

7) One of the IMPORTANT things in life is to profit from your losses.

My Response : "Agreed, but i rather replace the word 'profit and losses' to ' learn and mistakes'."

8) If you don't change DIRECTION, you'll reach where you are going.

My Response : "Provided your Direction is right in the first place."

9) The rich teach their kids on improving WEALTH by mastering knowledge. Which the poor and middle classes do not.

My Response : "Strongly disagree. Kids of rich parents tend to flaunt and sqander away the fortune".

10) No one succeeds without saving MONEY. There is no exception to this rule.

My Response : " How true this is!!! That is why i am still not successful... :< "

11) A great PLEASURE in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

My Response : "Who cares what other ppl say, as what NIKE always tell us, just do it."

12) Every SUCCESS is built on the ability to do better than good enough.

My Response : "That's good enough. No need me to explain."


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