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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

After thoughts

Recently feeling down, marathon events, tireness, unexplained factors contribute to my laziness of writing my blog, hence, that explains the shortness of my past few blogs.

There's nothing much to write anyway... I know i should have lots of things to write, especially after the marathon, as so much things happen.

I agree. Lots of things happen during the marathon, but none is involving my ambulance team. We responsed to 2 calls, the first call, we could not locate the casualty due to some technical error, and the second case, its a false alarm.

In a way, i am glad that we did not encounter any P1 case. Anyone with a common sense will know that P1 case is not easy to handle. I got a good team for my ambulance, well equipped and got confidence that we can handle any P1 case, and i also am looking forward to deal with P1 case, but somehow, i am glad that we do not have to face life and death situations.

In a way, the marathon deployment and the operations was a bit cock-up. But i hope that the personnals in the ERU team, including me, will take this as an experience and not to repeat the same mistake. No one is at fault here. The whole team is at fault for the cock-ups.

Lets us work together, to solve the mistake and make future deployments a better one.

Next Big thing for duty will be the zouk out. Its an overnight duty, from Sat night till Sunday morning. Venue: Sentosa... Hope that things will turn out better for operations side than the marathon.

Been feeling down recently. Issit because of the uncertainly of my current job now? Most prob.

Till now, there's no confirmation of any progress. Still not confirmed that i will be receiving my compensation. Different ppl are telling me different stories, and i dun know who to believe and trust. Damm the senior management ppl. I ain't controlling my career, and its leaving me in a whirlpool, lost, confused and feeling utterly useless.

First time i am in such a dilemma with my career. Unable to make any decision and i hate myself for it.

Am i really such a loser for unable to control my own fate? Till now, i have not achieve anything. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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