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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A bo liao post

During last Public BCLS (Basic Cardiac Life Support) class, where i was an instructor, i snapped some photos.

"Help!!! 2 casualties spotted!!! One casualty on top of another!!! Hmmm... did both of them fall?? Wait, check for danger before going in to access the situation... "

"No danger... Going in closer to access the situation... Looks like 2 casualties... Wait... how come the fellow on top got his elbows moving? Consious casualty on top... The other casualty below arms are very straight leh... something is wrong..."

"Chey... It is Derrick Leow trying to connect a cable to the CPR dummy... He just plain lazy to move to the other side of the dummy to connect the cable... Anyway, he got fed up in the end, and just went over to the side."


At nights, as you all would know, normally, we would do this...

Fly kite....

However, Kites and rain does not match, and these few days have been raining, so we end up doing this...

Play chess...


6 more days to Christmas!!!

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