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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Just for a laugh

Well, you know your 2006 sucks when you are making these types of new year resolutions...

1) I resolute not to get any more fines and summons for my vehicle.

2) I resolute to pay my bills on time, everytime.

3) I resolute to give my friend ABC a treat, which i had promised 10 years ago.

4) I resolute to feed my dog regularly.

5) I resolute to stop making noise so that the police will not knock on my door everyday.

6) I resolute to remember my signature on my bank passbook.

7) I resolute to sleep by midnight, latest

8) I resolute to stop telling ppl to get away from my "elite, uncaring face".

9) I resolute not to mix up my wife's and my mistress's names, and birthdays.

10) I resolute not to pump diesel into my car, just because its cheaper.

11) I resolute to stay in a job for at least 6 months.

12) I resolute not to curse and swear in vagular lauguage at the f**king cars that bloody suddenly f**king cut into my f**king lane.

13) I resolute not to honk at ppl crossing at zebra crossings.

14) I resolute that i will never play with fires.

Happy new year, everyone...

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