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Sunday, December 17, 2006

News in brief.

Interesting News....


Roads named after colonials could be changed to honour S'pore's pioneers

Sunday December 17, 12:17 AM

SINGAPORE: The suggestion to honour Singapore's pioneers is now going a step further.

Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, who first broached the idea, has suggested that several roads named after minor colonial officials could be changed to honour Singapore's pioneers instead.

But he cautioned that road names should not be changed just for the sake of doing so, as it is a sensitive matter.

Mr Goh had also suggested naming new buildings after Singapore's pioneers and builders.

ETC ETC........


Hmmm... I can imagine the confusion of drivers around singapore when that happens...

Frankly speaking, my knowledge of Singapore History had returned to my history teacher, also named Simon. So, pardon me if i make any mistakes....

I can imagine this.... (for road name-wise).

Queenstown to be renamed as President town. (The head of state in Singapore is called the President, not the King or Queen).

Alexandra Drive to be renamed as Lim Bo Seng Drive ( In case you dun know, Lim Bo Seng is a national hero who led the Anti-Japanese Resistance movement, Malayan People Anti Japanese Army, MPAJA against the Japanese during the second World War. He was capture and totured to death by the Japanese, and he did not reveal any MPAJA member's names.)

Stirling Road to be renamed as Ang Peng Siong Road. (Ang Peng Siong is the Singapore Swimmer hero who is the first Singapore Swimmer to win a gold in Swimming for Singapore during the Asian Games, and he broke the games (or world???) record. He retired after winning the 50m freestyle SEA Games hosted in Singapore in 1993).

Dawson Road to be renamed as David Marshall Road. (David Marshall is the first internal (???) minister for Singapore, and led Singapore to gain partial independence. )

York Road to be rename Zubir Said Road. (Encik Zubir Said is the composer of the Singapore-famous song that most Singapore knew by heart, which the students sang everyday, the National Anthem, Majulah Singapura on 3rd Dec 1959. Upon Singapore's Independence in 1965, it was adopted as the National Anthem).

And many more... Can you imagine the confusion once all those is changed?

And now, imagine this as well.

Malcolm park is renamed as Toh Chin Chye Park. (Dr Toh Chin Chye was the DPM for Singapore during the early days. He head the committee that created the Singapore (state) flag).

Raffles Institution or Raffles Girl's School needs to be renames as well.

What a confusion.... Having headaches now...


Anyway, happy birthday (belated) to Ken Koh and Eileen Goh!!!

Hmmm it rymes...

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