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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tuesday nightly affair

Just received some good news yesterday with regards to myself... Hahaha.. But that good news come with some bad news, i reckon...

And did something shitty today, something which i wish i could never do, yet, i feel it's necessary to do... And hope that shitty thing would not turn to be something more shitty that needs me to clear.

It's an extremely busy week for me... more so from the past few week, which i was busy enough. Why?? boss come back from overseas trip... hahaha

And every Tuesday, it's becoming a normal routine for the 4 of us... CN, HT, TB and me... A night of driving, which requires super intense concentration, with a super high risk of getting invloved in RTA, and it involves some jam, followed by some cheap buys and a night of relaxation, eating, chatting, singing, and perhaps, some "come find trouble" on the forehead...

It's the relaxation and the food that draws the 4 of us to go back there every week. A intense day of slogging out either physically, mentally or both at work, we really need a night of relaxation. I keep looking forward to Tue day, even it means sometimes, i am going to miss my myth buster show.

And Tue has just past. Am looking forward to next Tue.

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