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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sleepy at work

It's funny, i know...

My world has turn upside down...

But couldn't be help... Is there anything that i can do to resolve this problem??

It's something like this statement... "How come a kid who is afraid of the dark grows up to be a teenager who hangs out every whole night?"


Night is the time when cockroaches come out and people sleep. Morning is the time when ppl rushes to work and ERP starts.

But i am feeling very sleepy in the day!! Especially when i am in the office. And after work, while driving home, i will be yawning non stop, wishing for my dear warm bed to lie in and my soft pillow to cuddle with.

But once i reach home, all signs and syndromes of sleepiness went "poof!!!" just like when a naughty kid burst a balloon with a needle.

I became wide awake. No more thoughts of my warm bed and my soft super cuddle-friendly pillow. my thoughts turn to TV, Internet and mafia wars, and more recently, BF2.

And all those thoughts will keep my mind occupied till my eyelids cannot take it anymore... that's when i will faint.

And the cycle starts again when i woke up the next day.

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