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Thursday, November 19, 2009


You know, in Singapore, on the mediacorp TV, there's this saying on channel 5, "MUST SEE TUESDAY".

Indeed, it's a must see tuesday. But it's not channel 5. Certainly the new Phua Chu Kang "migrating" to KL nor first class ain't interest me at all. Certainly it's ain't channel 5 either.

It's the new channel in Singapore TV free-to-air. OKTO channel. Tuesdays is a must see for me.

Especially one programme.


Oh yeah... mythbusters. They gather all kinds of myth, mostly which i didn't even heard before, subject it to scientific experiments on real life, and see if the myths is confirmed or busted.

And there's even more on the internet "youtube".

I recalled a myth which my parents told me when i was a kid.

"Elephants are scared of mice" they told me. "Bullshit" i thought. "How can such a huge animal be scared of a tiny thing??"

Anyway, it's been years and i didn't think of that myth, until yesterday.

Mythbusters put that myth under a experiment. and here's the video.


Come to think of the statement i had thought earlier "How can such a huge animal be scared of a tiny thing??" It's ain't true. Nope.. It's totally not true.

I know scores of the most intelligent animal on earth, Human beings, being afraid of thiny animals like cockroachs, lizards, mice, and sometimes, even ants.

So, nothing wrong with elephants being afraid of mice.

If Singapore is to have a myth buster team, here's my top ten list of myths for them to test.

10) Lady and taxi drivers are a road hazard.

9) Singaporeans will queue up for anything as long as it's free.

8) When a winning lottery ticket is purchase from a particular betting center, there's high chance that the betting center will produce more winning tickets.

7) Employees work at a better efficient rate when their boss are not around in office.

6) Singaporeans always jio coffee session, but ended up drinking other drinks other than coffee.

5) Singaporeans always like to get the bride and the groom drunk on their wedding day.

4) Singaporean drivers really does go faster with the amber light showing at the traffic lights.

3) Singaporean drivers does not give way to ambulances with the blinker lights and sirens on.

2) Singaporen drivers are curious enough to slow their vehicle down to almost a crawl to look at traffic accidents and to take down the accident vehicle's licence plate to buy 4D.

1) And the accident's vehicle licence's plate will come out in the 4D lottery.

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