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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Long time no post

Lots ppl have been asking me this question...

"What happen to you, simon?" they would ask...

"Simi??" i would query them back...

"so long never update blog..." they would answer...

Good point... My blog is dying, and it's been donkey days since i last update my blog... So, what's happening to me??

Well, the only explaination i could think of is that morning, i wake up, go work, and ever since i took over 3 person's job, changing of office location, orders picking up, going meetings, doing deliveries, after knock off, is go home sleep, or go out, and when the computer's on, i been using the time for Mafia wars, especially with the new country " Moscow" just came out to conquer, there's simply no time to go to and type all these nonsense...

Understand?? No?? let me summerise the summery.

I am simply too lazy to go update my blog.

Got it??


Read this news recently...

SingTel, Starhub submit bids for rights to broadcast EPL matches
By Ian De Cotta,
TODAY Posted: 29 September 2009 2122 hrs

And today, i saw this news...

SingTel wins rights to EPL, ESPN STAR Sports
By Posted: 01 October 2009 0806 hrs

Bye bye starhub cable, hello singtel mio??

Pity the ppl who just signed the starhub cable contract to watch the EPL and ESPN, and now, they have to sign on new contact with Singtel mio plan and carrying on the existing starhub cable.

Especially the coffee shops, the pubs which now have to switch sides in order to retain their customers.

Politics... the never ending war between singtel and starhub... And yet, i still dun really see the effectiveness of this war to us as consumers...

I think i shall still stick to my present life style of being not a football fan... It saves me a lot of trouble.

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