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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Top 10 world cup betting fever

Okie... after the world cup fever top 10 charts, what's next?

It's the top 10 charts for the "WORLD CUP BETTING FEVER"

10) You know your bookie number better than your girlfriend number.

9) Your girlfriend called you and you go "what's the odds?"

8) After that, you goes "okie , Spain, 1/2 ball, 20 bucks" even after your girlfriend identify herself to you.

7) The amount in your bank account goes up or goes down, drastically.

6) Suddenly, 4D, TOTO, and IR is out of fashion.

5) Your mother ask you to "Jiak" (eat) dinner, and you replied back, how much, how many balls?

4) You received your mobile phone bill, and you jumped.

3)Your maths would have made your maths teacher during your secondary school or university proud.

2) Your teachers might be using the soccer betting system to teach maths.

1) You keep waiting information from Pual the Octopus before you call your bookie.

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