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Friday, July 23, 2010

S.O's Plan C for YOG during Flood

Read the news with interest...

YOG: Organisers' Plan B for Games to run smoothly in case of floods
By Tan Yo-Hinn, TODAY | Posted: 22 July 2010 0933 hrs

What happens if Flooding occurs at all the places mentioned, causing super jams? And Plan B doesn't work?

Fret not. Here's S.O's plan C for you!

In case of heavy floods, all the aquatics wouldn't have a problem. Swimming, water polo, even canoeing, sailing and rowing wouldn't have a problem. Diving might pose some danger, as the water level ain't that high. The only safe area for diving is Orchard Road. There, 4/26 of the problem solved.

All the running events, well, cause of the jams, the athletics, will compete with the games village as the starting point, and their respective stadiums as the ending point, along those non flooded roads, in time to receive their medals. Hopefully, singaporean drivers, seeing that running is actually faster than driving during jams, may ditch their vehicles and join them on a run, leading to a healthier lifestyle. You can even do running events at the gyms! 5/26 problems solved

Badminton, there are numeourous badminton courts in jurong/pioneer area in the housing estate. It's open air. No need worry about the winds.. It makes the game more unpredictable, and more exciting. 6/26 problem solved

Archery wise, well, your aim is to help singapore do crow population control by shooting them down. The one with the most number of dead crows wins. Same for shooting events. Another way with archery is go into any SAF camp, and you get the see lots people doing archery. You can try completing with them (the OCs, COs, CSMs, PS, RSMs) but be warned. They are deadly. 8/26 problem solved.

Basketball. Just like badminton. There's lots basketball courts open air style in the neighbourhood. Too many ppl playing? No problem. Just Play ABC or "Man jiang hong" will do. 9/26 problem solved.

Boxing... hmmm.. This one a bit tricky. But then hor, Just go to Jurong Point, loiter around. The moment someone says "Diao Simi" or "Kua Simi", that's the signal to start the match. Your opponent is the one who says the "Diao Simi" or "Kua Simi" and his associates. You aim is to KO him and run away before the police arrives. Shortest time to KO him is the winner.

Same goes to Taekwondo, Judo and Wrestling. There's half your problem is solved.

Next sport. Cycling. Too bad NTU is far from Tampines. However, you can go the SAFRA gym at jurong to use their stationary bikes. Still cycling mah.. Only thing is that you get to enjoy the air con and you gets tired of seeing the same thing. 14/26 problem solved.

Fencing. Hmmm... SAFTIMI is round the corner. You can go there for a match with the soon-to-be commissioned officers with their swords. 15/26 problem solved.

Football. Change to street soccer lah. Anywhere also can play. Basketball courts, top of the multi storey carparks, and even void decks. IF you want the actual pitch, well, get lots people to form the pitch for you. (remember the world cup pepsi ad?) Remember to prepare cash for you to win, as the goal post opening can change. Highest cash wins. 16/26 proplem solved.

Gymnastics. As mentioned, SAFTIMI and PLC is round the corner. Lots of chin up bars, the bars at SOC for you to play with. Including the high Obs playground. Can play will you get tired of the sport. Not enough? still got Jurong Camp and Jurong Camp II. 17/26 problem solved.

Handball. Advised to you all. Stick to your legs in contact with the ball, instead of the hand. More recognised, more money to be earned. Watch world cup. Who doesn't know world cup? And how much money is being betted during world cup? So, drop the sport and take up soccer instead. 18/26 gone.

Hockey. Same as soccer. Can be played anywhere. Especially void decks. The piller adds to the excitment. 19/26 bye byed.

Modern Pentathlon. 5 sports in one. Fencing, swimming, running, shooting. You start off with running to the OCS to have a fencing match with the officers and their swords, then do crowd control duties at jurong area, then run to a flooded place and swim. 20/26 done.

Table tennis. Comeon... Don't tell me you don't know how to find tables, bring them together to become a table tennis table? just add a small net in the middle. Lecturer's room in NTU are a good place to start searching for tables. 21/26 done

Tennis. Just change the sport to table tennis or badminton. Done. 22/26

Triathlon. Simple. Swim out of the flood to the gym, cycle there, and run at the gym too. 23/26 solved.

Weight lifting. Your help is need to life the vehicles damaged by the flood out of harms's way. The one who lift the most number of cars wins. 24/26 done.

Volleyball. Same lah... can play anywhere... Just get 2 fellows to hold the net with 2 poles. 25/26 solved.

Equestrian. Horsing riding... Just pray that the horse can swim. Well.

There, all the solutions for the 26 sports if there's super massive flood and jam in singapore during YOG.

I am a genuis, right?

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