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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Gold medal for Singapore?

Hmmm... YOG is over... No more giving way to buses with flashing strobe lights...

But then, i can't seem to sense the disappointment that Singapore did not even get a gold medal for the YOG.

I am sure our people had tried their best, and they got the silver medals to prove it. Even to those who did not get a medal, being able to represent Singapore is no simple feat. Unlike me, where i would prob do Singapore proud by counting the hours i spend on my bed.

Anyway, well done!

But still, maybe it's time for the Sports Council and the YOG committee to think about what they can do to ensure that Singapore gets a Gold medal in the next big thing?

Well, let this S.O get out of bed, putting on his thinking cap, to think of some events to ensure that Singapore gets a gold medal for the next big thing.

1) Queuing Competition.
Singaporeans are proven to be the world expert at this. Especially the prize at the end is not a medal but a hello kitty, a BTO flat (competitors have to pay for the flat), or even perhaps a PC show with lots freebies. Even at places with super nice food. But please, do not take any reference from Brad's blog hor.

2) Archery.
I know there's archery event at the YOG, but with a little twist to the rules. The target is not the circular blue, yellow or red colour, but with humans. Singaporeans are very adept to shooting arrows, with great precision and aim, and sometimes, without aim that goes straight throught the heart of the people that does not dodge fast enough.

Yes. the competitors does not use the bow to fire off the arrow in this sport, but rather, their mouths.

3) Complaining competition.
Any Singaporean should know that we are unbeatable at this. Especially the 2 sisters who got banned from NTUC Fairprice Supermarkets. They are the world champions at this, hands down, by far. No fight. No contest.

4) Vagular language competition
Can hold a competition to see who knows the most vagular language. i believe Singaporeans knows the most, be it hokkien, cantonese, chinese, malay, tamil, Koeran, Japanese, and some even french, german, italian. There's even sign languages that everone knows.

5)Choping seats in hawker centers.
Yeah... One of Singaporeans favourite past-time hobbies. We are so good at that, even using the least expensive stuffs, (read "tissue paper") to chop. And it's quite effective, apparently.

Wow... Does wonders ever cease? In such a short span of brain activites, so much ideas can come in.

So, perhaps, in the next international competition event, perhaps well, there's hope for a gold medal even more!

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