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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Eating alone

Read this article on Straits times...

Jun 3, 2010
Are you a 'loser' for eating alone?
By Amanda Wong

IF YOU see someone eating alone, what comes to mind?

'I'll be wondering why he's eating alone. My god, you're a loner, that's what I think,' said student Alfred Chua, who finds eating alone a daunting and stressful experience.

As such, he avoids eating alone in public if he can help it.

'It's a cultural thing, especially among Singaporeans, it's normal to dine with friends and chit-chat, so when they see people eating alone, they perceive them as being a loser,' said Dr Adrian Wang, a psychologist.

Is there really a stigma associated with eating alone?

Dr Wang offers some tips on what you can do to alleviate any feelings of embarrassment, should you find yourself asking for a table for one. Find out more on RazorTV.

Okie... I am now alone in the office... No one to eat with me... Well, it seems like i am eating alone everyday....

But afterlooking at this article. Well, i ordered mac delivery... Eating in office shouldn't have stress bah...

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