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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Chinatown Duty

Wanted so much to blog yesterday.. but i was so dead tired, that i knock out the moment i touch my bed... it was about 3am when i touched my bed...

Yesterday was really a tiring day. Morning helped JH to transport a sewing machine. After which, we went down to TTSH to visit EC again, and wait for him to discharge. I knocked out on the chair while waiting.

EC home after his discharge. Keep yawning while driving. Dunno why. Reached HQ. Knocked out on some chairs in the server room, while the others went to the barber and to packet food.

Duty time.

Somehow, i don't feel the atomsphere in the duty. Too quiet. LMS treated a casualty, who had fallen down. Suddenly, the comms cracked. An E case. Requested for trolleycot.

Me and Venod rushed into action. (we were stationed at the ambulances). I was pushing the trolleycot where Venod was clearing the way for me. Halfway, DC came and help us.

Soon, the Trolleycot came back with the casualty. Unconcious, low BP, low pulse rate. E case.

I cleared a path through the crowd, kept running to clear a path for the trolley. Loaded up into the ambulance, and was sent to the hospital, with its siern blasting away.

Ambulance used was the loyang ambulance... "Opening ceremony" for the loyang ambulance. First casualty for the ambulance, i was told.

Nothing happened after that.

Went for my dinner cum supper after the duty. Prata.

Then Its home sweet home....

A Tribute to Steve Irwin.

I know its a bit late for this post, but i received some cartoons that are specially dedicated to the world famous Australian Steve Irwin.

The picture is the best of all. What he is showing is that we should take care of wild animals too, coz they are important to our ecosystem! The world will forever remember Steve Irwin.

Hope the world learn some lessons from your documentaries and appricate nature and wildlife.

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