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Friday, September 22, 2006


Enoch was admitted to TTSH yesterday morning.

Complained of severe headache. May i wish him speedy recovery and rest well.

Enoch, if you are reading this, all the duty siaos agree that you chiong too much liao lah.... Chiong as in chiong work, not chiong sua nor chiong pub.

Remember, we are not stainless steel man. Remember to take time off for rest and relax.

HQ has set a minimum duty hours that each officer must attain, but i think in this case, instead of the minimum duty hours, HQ must set a seperate requirement for you, a maximum duty hours that you must achieve. No more beyond that amount of hours.

As what someone had mentioned to me... "Can we ask TTSH to hospitalise Enoch for a month? So that he can have enough rest for that month?"

Anyway, take care bro!

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