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Thursday, September 28, 2006


I had been invited to a party.

Mid autumn festive... at starbucks (Holland V). Its a combination party organised by 4 shops, Bukit Panjang, Holland V, PSA building and World trade (Harbour Front).

The whole upper level (it was a 2 storey shop) was closed for the private function.

Representing Bukit Panjang was Aaron, Aaron's gf, me and a couple more regular customers whom i did not know, but recognised.

Had a fun time there. First is the makan, followed by a short history session, the history or rather, myth of Mid autumn and the mooncake..

Games followed, including making a lantern competition. The representatives from BP did not participate, citing "shy" as a reason.

That's where i witness a "modern" and a "traditional" lantern. Really 2 different lantern.

After which a lucky draw followed, and i did not win anything, as per normal.

Then its home sweet home.

That's why i like going to starbucks so much.

The staff there are super friendly, helpful. Especially the stores in the district. The staffs are very united, strong bonding exist with all the staff. I saw the 4 stores organising this party, and its a huge success, and they co-operate very well.

Its the kind of working enviroment that one likes to work in.

Its the kind of working enviroment that i would want to work in. Their service is top-rated. I have been going to starbucks since 1998, till now, hanging out at shaw towers and Bukit Panjang Plaza.

May the staff of starbucks work well, i wish them success!

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