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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

TV show

The show has started.

The show that i had a part in, but i guess, i wun be on TV after all...

ITs on the 13th sept, Channel 8, 9pm, titled, "Love in the courtroom". Its an RTA scene.

Still remember that day, Rafi, Asiah, EC and me went down to pounggol to do the filming. That's when i realised that being an actor is not easy at all. Not easy at all. Especially when there are lots of NGs.

I was dealing with the trolley cot, and when it's NG, that means that i have to load and unload the trolleycot the number of times they NG. Its redo, redo... Well, i am not complaining, but its part of filming.

But overall, i had gain experience from it. Valuable lessons. I know how hard it is for filming.. the work to be done, the back stage work. During that time, saw my friend, Chris, working as a assitant cameraman. The camera is not light at all.

Especially when the weather is very hot, or doing some stunts. And when you get to do lots of NGs.

Life of celebrities is never good also. They are supposed to set good examples for their fans, (lets not talk about others), They have to put on a smile at all time when outside, they have a reputation, or image to up-keep and they have limited privacy. When they go out, they must be prepared to sign autographs, pose for pictures, just like this...

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