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Monday, September 11, 2006

Its 9/11

Something happened 5 years ago on this date.

That thing that changed the world. Shook the whole world, that thing started a global war, excluding some wars in the middle east.

Yes. The terrorist attack on the Twin world trade center towers in New York, US, as well as the pentagon, the nerve center for the US Armed Forces.

ITs the biggest terrorist attack. On a scale that no one can imagined, except the mastermind, which a lot of people believed to be Osama Bin Laden. Thousands died. Millions got shocked. The whole world shook.

I still remember clearly on that day, five years ago. I was still in NS. I was at home, having block leave before going to Australia for Ex Wallaby (aggressor unit).

I finished watching a show on Channel 8. It was late at night. Absent-mindedly, i switched channels (i was alone, all my family members had fallen asleep). When i flicked to Channel newsasia, i stopped. All i can see was a tower was in flames. At that time, i don't know what the hell had happened in the US.

I kept on watching. The streets was in chaos. People were running in all directions.

Then it happened. The second aircraft crashed in the the second building.

I was struck dumb-founded. I was speechless. I was rooted to the spot. I could not believe my eyes that an aircraft has crashed into the second building.

"This could not be true." i thought.

I woke up my parents to watch, and sent a SMS to all my friends telling them that aircraft has crashed into the world trade center twin towers in US.

Some of them replied my SMS. "Is this a joke?"

"I am not kidding, watch channel newsasia now" i replied back.

At that time, my mum mentioned, " War is breaking out soon".

I kept my eyes glued to the telly. Its an attacked on such a great scale that it seems impossible, but it was happening right in front of my eyes.

Next, the pentagon struck.

Later, the twin towers collasped.

I could not sleep the whole night. I was praying for the people who are awaiting to be rescued will be rescue. But deep down, i knew that even uncle SAM was not prepared for a disaster on such a great scale.

War has started. The War on terrorism.

We have to live with the fear of terrorism. We have to live with the increased security. We have to live witih it. It had become a part of our daily lives.

May god bless all the victims of terrorist attacks worldwide.

And condamn all the terrorist.

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