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Monday, September 11, 2006

A chance to rest.

Nothing much today... just spend the whole day in HQ.

Supposed to help SQ with the public class. But there's enough instructors, so spend the whole morning in server room, ,surfing the net.

After lunch, went for a nap in the server room. just fell asleep on 2 chairs. I was tired. I forgot when is the last time i had such a good afternoon nap. It was good, even though i was sleeping on 2 chairs.

The cadet heartsaver exams need help, so, helped with that as an examiner.

One cadet cried, when she cannot remember the next step. I plead innocent. I did not scold her nor punish her. All i did was to guide her along the way. Another cadet cried, and Tony was her examiner. All Tony did was nothing. She just cried. Amazing.

Went dinner with DT. Saw CH and Callen at the usual place. Chatted a bit before sending DT back and going home.

IMF starting tomorrow. Roads closure. Security measures. All are taking place right here, right now. Personnal driving to work at suntec will face problems.

May the event proceed smoothly.

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