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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Weekend laze.

A lazy day today.

Overslept this morning. Supposed to help EG to cover the muster parade. EG called and woke me up.

Rushed down to pick EG and ST up. Been a long long time since i last met ST. She had permed her hair!!! i was like "she's so different". Her hair had become curly leh... I was a bit "shocked"... Still not used to her new hairstyle.

Went down to YTSS to cover their biannual muster parade rehersal. Quite a number of fall outs. Most of them did not had breakfast. Quite a number from NCC, NPCC, SJAB. None from BB. Well disciplined and well focused lot, i must agree.

ST tried driving my van today. Stalled quite a number of times. hahaha... can see that she is stressed. Driving is actually simple, you just have to get use to the 3 petals, the gears, and how the clutch work. Practice makes perfect. One must get use to it.

Found 30 bucks on the carpark too. Suspected that a teacher had dropped them. Its not everyday that one can find money on the ground huh? EG pass the money to another teacher to return the money.

Went for lunch at the see hum place. After that, went home and fell asleep. All the way till night. Was very tired.

Visited starbucks again at night. The usual place.

Will be going down HQ tomorrow. Most prob will spend the whole day there. What a super no life me...

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