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Monday, September 25, 2006

Some Mathematics

Just received a mail from SL.

The msg is short. But it does amaze me greatly.

Try this!!!

1) key-in the first 4 digits of your handphone number into the calculator
2) multiply by 80
3) add 1
4) multiply by 250
5) plus last four digits of phone number
6) plus last four digits of phone number again
7) minus 250
8) divide by 2 at last

See what's the answer? Amazing!!!

How do ppl come out with such a formula? Apperently, it works on any 8 digit number. Fantestic ain't it?

Seems like that someone is super good with maths, and is super free. Unlike me... (Besides ITI, i am also a SIM which is Super Idiotic in Mathematics).

My favourite saying (during my secondary school and early poly years).

(MMMM) = Maths Make Me Mad.

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