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Friday, September 15, 2006

Problematic problems


This is my reaction when anyone tells me that they are facing a problem.

I can almost guess that their problems are. Basically, there are 4 most common problems that anyone can faced. (In order of commonity)

1) Relationship problems.
2) Finanical problems.
3) Working or studies problems.
4) Family problems.

Yes, the big 4. The 4 most common problems that everyone faces and have to go through in life, for the common man and woman.

Out of the 4, the most common is the Relationship. They will pose a big big headache to those suffering from it. There are many types of syndrome, easy to diagnose, and different medication is needed to cure it.

I quote a friend's words "Marriage is just a piece of paper. What matters is how both maintain it."

How true it is... Think about it, and reflect on it.

Also not to forget about the vowes that both party had made during the marriage. "In good or bad, till death do us part". Does this words hold no more meaning? If that's the case, then what are marriage vow for?

Well, its not easy to maintain the marriage or even attached status. Both parties are needed to maintain it. Both have to learn to scarifice, both need to give and take, to forgive and forget. Its not easy at all, but then, think about it...

Its not that difficult either, right?

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