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Thursday, September 14, 2006

I was on TV

Okie. I did appear on TV.

Got a couple of friends msg me after the scene. They saw me on TV and was surprised.

I did not watch the TV. Was away at the CDANs club house, having a "Thank you for your support" dinner for the NS Home Team Real Run.

But SQ, Tony and me did catch a little at the end of the scene. We were happily passing by a shop with a TV, and i happened to saw it. So, the three of us stopped outside and watched the TV.

I did not see myself.

Some of my friends lamated that i did not inform them that i will be on TV on that particular epsiode.

Well, this is what i am going to tell them....

You wanna see me on TV? Its so simple....

Find me a TV and let me climb on top of it! There, i am on TV!!!

But, Please find a TV that can stand my weight. Once broken, considered sold, and no way i am going to be responsible for it!

1 comment:

christina said...

mr lame-chop~ so in the end i did read up ur blog hor.. ish only whether i wan to leave a comments or not.. also hang once i enter u blog :( ur blog got virus. . .
on tv only mahx.. hehex.. one day go sing sing lei.. :)